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          • RFMV105 CNC Vertical Machining Center

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            RFMV105 CNC Vertical Machining Center

            The RFMV105 vertical machining center, using rolling guide ways, is one in a family of RIFA built VMCs. The machine has a 7000 rpm spindle speed and 24m/min rapid traverses. The X, Y, Z axis range is 1050mm × 600mm ×600mm. A 1250mm×600mm T slotted table is included.

            1. The machine base, column, head and cross slid carriage of the CNC vertical machining center are constructed from high quality cast iron. The advanced machine constructure, widened and fixed column design provide added rigidity and durability. Finite element analysis procedures are used to qualify the design.
            2. Linear rolling guide ways are used for the X, Y and Z axis motions, providing increased acceleration and deceleration rates.
            3. Servos couple directly to the high precision ball screws of the CNC vertical machining center, eliminating gears and preventing backlash and servo drag.
            4. The pre tensioned ball screws provide increased rigidity and thermal stability.
            5. The spindle is supported by six precision class permanently lubricated bearings, which are true cartridge type units. A refrigerated spindle cooling system circulates oil around the spindle and bearings. This maintains constant temperatures across a range of ambient and operating conditions.
            6. An encoder is mounted on the spindle of the CNC vertical machining center, realizing rigid tapping as well as accurate positioning.
            7. A FANUC 0i control system is standard. MITSUBISHI control system is optional.

            Key Standard Features of the CNC Vertical Machining Center
            1. Stiff and thermally stable spindle in which cutting tool is clamped through tool holding device:
            a. Its 40 taper spindle is supported by six precision class permanently lubricated bearings. FAG bearings are standard.
            b. 7.5/11kw spindle motor drive: 6000 belt rpm
            2. 24 tool arm type BT40 automatic tool changer
            3. Fast and reliable automatic tool changer
            4. 1.8 second tool change time
            5. Massive cast iron construction, fixed column design
            6. THK rolling guide ways
            7. Feed ball screw with FAG bearings
            8. Spindle box provides belt transmission
            9. P40T-I Retention knobs (pull studs)
            10. Chain board type chip conveyor
            11. Splash guard and protection guard from Germany trumpf
            12. Centralized lubrication
            13. Spindle taper cleaner, spindle cooling system
            14. Bed chip flush
            15. Surround tool coolant
            16. RS232 interface and DNC function
            17. Work light, warning indication
            18. Electric cabinet with heat exchanger, rigid tapping
            19. FANUC 0i control system

            Technical Specifications of the RFMV105 CNC Vertical Machining Center

            Specifications Parameter Notes
            Travel X-axis travel 1050mm
            Y-axis travel 600mm
            Z-axis travel 600mm
            Distance from Spindle Center to Column Guide Surface 640mm
            Distance from Spindle Face to Table Surface 140-740mm
            Work table Table size 1250(L)X600(W)
            Load capacity 800Kg
            T-slot 5mmX18mmX100mm
            Spindle Spindle speed 7000rpm (belt)
            Spindle taper ISO40
            Spindle front bearing I.D. ф70mm
            Spindle motor 7.5kw/11kw (30 minutes)
            Feed system Rapid feed rates X, Y, Z: 24m/min
            Cutting feed rates 1-10000mm/min
            Servo motor torque X/Y/Z-axis: 11 N.m
            Positioning accuracy 0.010mm
            Positioning repeatability 0.005mm
            ATC ATC type Arm type
            Tool number 24
            Max. tool length 300mm
            Max. tool diameter Ф76
            Max. tool weight 7Kg
            Tool shank and pull stud MAS403 BT40, Pull stud P40T-1
            Tool changing time 1.8 second
            Coolant, Chip Removal and Protection Cooling system Nozzle in front of spindle
            Chip removal system Chain chip conveyor (together with coolant tank)
            Protecting system Fully enclosed enclosure
            Pneumatic and Lubrication Pneumatic system P=0.5-0.8MPa
            Lubrication system Automatic
            Machine outline size (LXWXH) 2800X2380X2435 (mm)
            Machine weight 6500Kg
            Control system FANUC-0I
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            RIFA is a major manufacturer of CNC vertical machining center, based in China. We offer various types of products such as CNC vertical machining center, floor type boring milling machining center, hub bearing grinding line and so on. Our products are high quality and competitively priced. We can complete the full chain of manufacturing single column vertical CNC lathe, universal joint spider grinder, etc. right here in China. Our lower manufacturing cost can save your purchasing cost. More details on each of our products are shown on the description page.

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