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      1. Double Column Vertical Lathe

        Home » Products » Vertical CNC Lathe Series » Double Column Vertical Lathe
        Double Column Vertical Lathe

        The double column vertical lathe can be used in such demanding industries as motor, aviation, mining machines, metallurgical machines and other general machines. They are ideally used for machining internal and external cylinders, circular conical surfaces, end surfaces, grooving, etc. The double column vertical lathe is equipped with a FANUC control system. It can also be equipped with MITSUBISHI, SIEMENS or other systems upon customer's requirements.

        1. The double column vertical lathe is designed with high rigidity cast structure. The multi shifting transmission or epicyclical gear box is used for spindle box so within every shift the speed can be adjusted.
        2. On the work table axial direction thrust bearing with flat seat or constant flow hydrostatic guide way is equipped to load and on radial direction taper-roller bearing centering mechanism is used.
        3. The double column vertical lathe is designed with double column structure, providing increased stiffness and cutting performance. The cross beam can move up and down and is locked via butterfly spring on general and unlocked by the hydro cylinder when moving. The cross beam can move to the right position to fit the work pieces of different height, reducing the overhanging length of the ram and ensuring the increased rigidity.
        4. One pump and every chamber style hydrostatic guide ways are used for both the cross beam and ram. A special hydrostatic pump is used to supply the pressure oil.
        5. The double column vertical lathe is equipped with a tool magazine and a hydro cylinder is used for the automatic tool clamping. The tool shank is BT50. Manual tool loading is optional upon customers' requirement.

        Technical Specifications

        Item Unit RFCL2000 RFCL2500 RFCL3000 RFCL4000 RFCL5000 RFCL6300
        Table diameter mm φ1800 φ2200 φ2800 φ4000 φ5000 φ6300
        Max. rotation diameter mm φ2250 φ2700 φ3400 φ4500 φ5500 φ6800
        Max turning diameter mm φ2000 φ2500 φ3000 φ4000 φ5000 φ6300
        Max height of work piece mm 1450 1450 1650 2000 2200 2500
        Max weight of work piece Kg 8000 10000 15000 18000 20000 25000
        Max speed of table r/min 150 115 80 60 45 30
        No. of speed of table 2 gears infinitely variable speed
        Max. torque of table Nm 9400 12000 17000 23000 30000 46000
        Up and down ram travel mm 1000 1000 1000 1500 1500 1500
        Up and down ram rapid feed m/min 10 10 10 10 10 10
        Left and right ram travel mm 1500+100 1750+100 2000+100 2500+100 3000+100 4150+100
        Left and right ram rapid feed m/min 10 10 10 10 10 10
        Max beam travel 1000 1000 1200 1500 1700 2000
        Speed of beam movement 310 310 310 310 310 310
        Max cutting force of tool rest Nm 12000 12000 12000 12000 12000 12000
        Main motor Kwan 37/45 37/45 45/55 45/55 45/55 45/55
        Weight kg 26000 35000 45000 55000 70000 85000
        Other Products

        RIFA is a major manufacturer of double column vertical lathe, based in China. We offer various types of products such as double column vertical lathe, floor type boring milling machining center, taper roller bearing grinding line and so on. Our products are high quality and competitively priced. We can complete the full chain of manufacturing CNC cage OD grinder, CNC vertical machining center, etc. right here in China. Our lower manufacturing cost saves your purchasing cost. More details on each of our products are shown on the description page.

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