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              1. Home » About Us

                Established in China in 1998, Zhejiang RIFA Digital Precision Machinery Company Ltd. a subsidiary of RIFA holding group and is a professional manufacturer and manufacturer of a CNC vertical machining center line of products, CNC horizontal lathes, a CNC gantry-machining center, and automatic bearing system. Our company, located in Xinchang, China, is near the ports in Ningbo and Shanghai, which provides us easy access to convenient land and sea transportation, and so economical shipping rates for our clients.

                RIFA provides a broad range of high quality products including our specialized grinding machine series, floor type boring machine, CNC horizontal machining center, and other products. Our machines are widely used in the boiler, mining, and wind industries. Because we utilize advanced equipment like the AMADA metal sheet machine, CMM, and laser tester, our products are CE certified, making them very popular in countries like the United States, France, Poland, Japan, and others.

                We at RIFA precision machinery build our success on our partnerships with customers, manufacturers, and employees. Meanwhile, RIFA's management is information based and concentrates on four essential principles: marketing, innovation, sourcing, and quality control. Because of this diligence and attention to detail, we are officially approved by ISO9001.

                Our strategy includes fulfilling the needs of our customers and supplying our superb, stand-alone equipment and production lines, and has enabled us to achieve great success in the machine tools industry. Therefore, RIFA is listed among the top ten CNC machine tool builders by CMTBA China Machine Tools and the Tool Builders' Association. Because of our excellent customer service and second-to-none products, we are confident that RIFA will continue to grow and flourish in the machine tools industry.

                You can feel secure in placing your order with us. We are confident that you will be satisfied with both our products and our prices.

                Main Products
                  1. RFTK6920 Floor Type Boring Milling Machining Center The floor type boring machine is designed with X Y, Z and W axes. It could be expanded with B and U axis and it is controlled with SIEMENS full digital 840D control system which makes any four axis linkage possible ...
                  1. RFCZ20-1000 CNC Horizontal Lathe Swing over bed: Ф540mm
                    Swing over carriage: Ф280mm
                    Max. turning diameter: Ф370mm(Short)/ф260mm(Long)
                    Max. turning length: 1000mm
                    Max. Z axis travel: 1050mm Max. X axis travel: 185+35mm ...
                  1. Deep Groove Ball Bearing Grinding LineThe deep grove ball bearing grinding line is used with world lead techniques, such as the SBS self adoption control system, quick approach and prevent impact, etc. All the control system and machine ...
                  1. RFMV105 CNC Vertical Machining CenterThe RFMV105 vertical machining center, using rolling guide ways, is one in a family of RIFA built VMCs. The machine has a 7000 rpm spindle speed and 24m/min rapid traverses. The X, Y, Z axis range is 1050mm × 600mm ...
                  1. RFMP6026 CNC Gantry Machining Center- with movable beam & fixed columnThe CNC gantry machining center with fixed beam and fixed column has a total of five coordinate axes, including X1 axis, X2 axis, Y axis, Z axis and W2 axis. The X axis ...
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