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              1. Home » Contact Us

                Zhejiang RIFA Digital Precision Machinery Co., Ltd.

                Address: Nanyan Industry Zone, Xinchang, Zhejiang Province, China-312500

                Tel: +86-575-86337916

                Fax: +86-575-86337881

                Email: ex.pm@rifagroup.com

                Website: www.rifapm.com

                America Market:
                Contact: Ms. Qin
                Tel: +86-575-86337916
                Fax: +86-575-86337881

                Europe & Asia Market :
                Contact: Mr. Wang
                Tel: +86-575-86337916
                Fax: +86-575-86337881

                RUSSIA MARKET:
                Contact: Mr. Bao
                Tel: +86-575-86337916
                Fax: +86-575-86337881

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                Main Products
                  1. RFCZ20-1000 CNC Horizontal Lathe Swing over bed: Ф540mm
                    Swing over carriage: Ф280mm
                    Max. turning diameter: Ф370mm(Short)/ф260mm(Long)
                    Max. turning length: 1000mm
                    Max. Z axis travel: 1050mm Max. X axis travel: 185+35mm ...
                  1. Vertical Lathe With Pallet Changer RFCL63D VTLThe vertical lathe with pallet changer RFCL63D VTL is used for the machining of complicated revolving parts and available for turning the cylindrical surface, curved surface, conical surface and stepped surface ...
                  1. Deep Groove Ball Bearing Grinding LineThe deep grove ball bearing grinding line is used with world lead techniques, such as the SBS self adoption control system, quick approach and prevent impact, etc. All the control system and machine ...
                  1. RFMV105 CNC Vertical Machining CenterThe RFMV105 vertical machining center, using rolling guide ways, is one in a family of RIFA built VMCs. The machine has a 7000 rpm spindle speed and 24m/min rapid traverses. The X, Y, Z axis range is 1050mm × 600mm ...
                  1. RFMP6026 CNC Gantry Machining Center- with movable beam & fixed columnThe CNC gantry machining center with fixed beam and fixed column has a total of five coordinate axes, including X1 axis, X2 axis, Y axis, Z axis and W2 axis. The X axis ...
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