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        1. Home » Service Policy

          Service Policy

          With a service policy of "clients first", we strive to provide you with perfect pre-sale, in-sale and after-sale service to ensure the best return for your investment.
          For-sales service: We have senior technical personnel with rich experience in design, use and maintenance of equipment. We provide technical consultation to our clients.
          In-sales service: We offer free training to clients on equipment use and maintenance to ensure the clients can operate the equipment and receive optimal performance. We offer free equipment installation.
          After-sales service: We provide lifelong service for the machines sold. Under the guaranty range, we provide free maintenance. We guarantee that we will reply within two hours after receiving the notice and send a serviceman to solve the problem.

          If you are from China, please contact Mr. Wang.
          Tel: +86-575-86299163

          Sales Office

          Contact: Ms. Yu
          Tel: +86-575-86299168

          If you would like to have an English line:
          Contact: Ms. Qin
          Tel: +86-575-86299169

          Contact: Mr. Wang
          Tel: +86-575-86299169
          Fax: +86-575-86299177

          Main Products
            1. RFTK6920 Floor Type Boring Milling Machining Center The floor type boring machine is designed with X Y, Z and W axes. It could be expanded with B and U axis and it is controlled with SIEMENS full digital 840D control system which makes any four axis linkage possible ...
            1. Vertical Lathe With Pallet Changer RFCL63D VTLThe vertical lathe with pallet changer RFCL63D VTL is used for the machining of complicated revolving parts and available for turning the cylindrical surface, curved surface, conical surface and stepped surface ...
            1. Deep Groove Ball Bearing Grinding LineThe deep grove ball bearing grinding line is used with world lead techniques, such as the SBS self adoption control system, quick approach and prevent impact, etc. All the control system and machine ...
            1. RFCZ20-1000 CNC Horizontal Lathe Swing over bed: Ф540mm
              Swing over carriage: Ф280mm
              Max. turning diameter: Ф370mm(Short)/ф260mm(Long)
              Max. turning length: 1000mm
              Max. Z axis travel: 1050mm Max. X axis travel: 185+35mm ...
            1. RFMP6026 CNC Gantry Machining Center- with movable beam & fixed columnThe CNC gantry machining center with fixed beam and fixed column has a total of five coordinate axes, including X1 axis, X2 axis, Y axis, Z axis and W2 axis. The X axis ...
          We will deal with your message in 24 hours